About Project

The TiEN Blockchain is the backbone of TiEN Network, responsible for handling the consensus-algorithm nodes, security, and data storage on the TiEN platforms, such as TiENCHAT and TiENPAY.

The core technologies power the TiEN Ecosystem allowing for the TiEN BLOCKCHAIN to offer the most secure method of record and storage of transactions, an easy-to-use API for creating new dApps, and a means to issue new child tokens within the network. All of which enables users to develop unlimited dApps, create their own multi-currency wallets, exchange and trade tokens on the platform, and participate in the user marketplace.

The TiEN team wants TiENCHAT to go beyond a messaging application. The blockchain powered ecosystem will allow users to use the basic messaging application and use the platform to develop new decentralized applications (dApps) Further, the platform itself will serve as an educational resource for new developers and users alike to learn more about the crypto-space and blockchain technologies, and the TiEN Foundation will serve as a vehicle to give back. A percentage of all profits made from the TiENCHAT platform will be donated to charities and NGO initiatives all over the globe.