About Project

U Network can be classified as six main layers to understand this new network more comprehensively, and then check which layers you like to develop; U Network has developed a special BFT consensus algorithm that implements 3,000 transactions-per-second, and its mainnet is called Uchange with on-chain governance . You can deposit UUU in the mainnet for the free transaction and contract deployment.

It helps store your data permanently. Store and process the data without relying on a single centralized host. Publish it on the U Network without worrying about if they will be tampered. IPFS has integrated with U Network public blockchain, which requires UUU to pay for use. The test version of IPFS integration will be launched first and will be free for limited users. Use one account to access the U Network mainnet and all products, and use different valuation protocols to form own value in various products, so as to conduct trust-based financial activities, such as issuing their own asset tokens for crowdfunding. The on-chain identification will be used to address the problem of content confirmation.