About Project

Unification is a scalable master blockchain for Enterprise.

Delegators play an important role in the staking process, and indeed the running of the network itself, by acting as a further safeguard against any potential misbehaviour of validators. If delegators feel that a validator is not behaving in the best interests of the network, they can simply move their staked FUND away from them. If the validator’s total stake falls below the top 96 validator stakes, they will be removed from the active validator pool.

Validators play a key role in running Unification’s Mainchain. Mainchain is built on Tendermint, which relies on a set of defined validator nodes to process transactions and produce and sign new blocks. The initial validator set for MainNet is 96, and is selected from the validators who have the most FUND delegated to them through a combination of self-delegation, and user¬†delegation. Validators earn rewards from transaction fees, and commission charged to their delegators. Validator operator candidates are expected to thoroughly research security for their nodes to ensure the overall safety of the network.