About Project

Vocdoni provides secure voting, reliable communications and the necessary tools to coordinate your collective. Now you can focus on what matters; your social mission.

We want to democratize secure digital voting. This is why we are implementing a fair billing policy that allows you to use our platform free of cost or to pay according to your collective needs.

Vocdoni has been selected by NGI-LEDGER as one of the 16 human-centric projects, working on decentralised technologies, to enter its 2nd round of the Venture Builder programme.
LEDGER is part of The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, which was launched by theEuropean Commission and it aims to shape the future internet as a value-centric and interoperable ecosystem that embodies openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, cooperation, and protection of data

We believe that current governance systems don’t respond well to society needs.

These systems are proprietary, expensive, insecure and hard to use. This situation prevents new forms of citizen participation and increases the gap between citizens and the organizations they’re members of.

Governance needs to become digital, and in order to achieve that, we need to democratize secure digital voting.

Our mission is to develop and integrate the necessary tools to enable a privacy-centric digital governance with a built-in anonymous digital voting system.

Vocdoni is trusted by associations, cooperatives and city councils around the globe.