About Project

Zefi is a DAO Blockchain and Cosmos Hub powered by “Proof of Stake” Tendermint Consensus and the Stargate SDK set to launch main-net in the near future. ZEFI is Experimental and could likely fail. The initial Genesis Block distribution of ZEFI will be airdropped to addresses that BURN. The rewards will start at 2000 ZEFI per $ZCL for approximately 2 weeks. After that $ZCL will be rewarded at a reduced rate for 4-6 weeks till the the Genesis BURN ends at a rate of 1337 ZEFI per $ZCL. ZEFI will bring $ZCL to the Ethereum network via a trustless 2-way peg. The first stage will be wrapping $ZCL and $BTC as an IBC asset so that it can exist on the ZEFI network and transferred to any other Cosmos Hub via IBC The next phase will be bridging to Ethereum via Peggy or similar mechanism. The Zefi Network includes an on-chain governance system, powered by the Cosmos SDK governance module. Participants can submit proposals and vote on them using the native ZEFI token on a 1 token 1 vote basis